Saturday, November 20, 2004

Travling to Juneau soon.

Currently we are fundraising to go on a trip to go to Juneau. The fundraising is fun and here in Tuntutuliak we opened the first pizza shop ever in the kitchen at the school this year. Last week we were fund raising at the community basket ball tounoment. We have almost made $1,000.00 at this point. Here sell Pizza, nachos, and sodas. We thought the pizza fundraiser was a good idea because the village has never had a restaurant or a pizza shop. Before we made the pizzas, we went to peoples' houses, took orders, then gave them to our tea

cher. The next day we made the pizzas and delivered them to our customers’ houses. The picture is of a fox fur that we found in the attic of the school. The fur is very soft and warm. There are some people who eat foxes. There are a lot of foxes around the village. Someone who lives in the village probably caught this and donated it to the school a while ago. There are other furs and we plan to find out if it is ok to use a few of them to make things to sell in order to make more money for our trip. I’ve made some small stuffed animals before and I know there are people in our village who would be willing to teach us how to make them.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

My first post...

I'm mostly just learning how to set things up right now... I'm getting excited for our class trip to Juneau for Jr. Alaska Close Up in Febuary. I'll write more about it later...

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